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JuJu Lether

Oh, they are so sweet. I just love little Liam! I can't wait for the reveal. Thank-you to Kelee and the team and all the bloggers that are hosting. Kara looks beautiful too! Her makeover looks fresh and pretty. So kind for the salon to donate.

Kelee Katillac

Hi JuJu:

You are right, Liam is so funny and adorable! Kara looks simply gorgeous too, thanks again Muse Salon! It made such a difference in how she felt too. I know I feel like a different woman after a salon visit... probably because they have patched and primped me into acceptable again! That wall paint primer only works so long... :):) Can't wait for you to see the reveal...

Thank-you for your support Juju!

love, kelee

Brenda Newell

Hello Kellee, I am new but read about this at Facebook hobby lobby.I love to design and decorate. Please put me on your list to support this cause. The video is precious, very interested to see the reveal.
Thanks for your work. B Newell

Kelee Katillac


About our volunteer list-- we will soon have google friend connect and use it for that too...
it will be installed for the party so folks can sign-up. Thank-you for your kind interest in helping out!



You have done it again. Started my day with a smile! Hope, that is what its all about. Thank-you for all you do to make the world better. I am behind you and my friends are too. Kara looks really pretty.


Hi Kelly! From Pink Saturday... can't wait to post about these sweet folks! heart-- Cindy


What a wonderful group that is doing so much for others. Blessings to them all.


Sherry here from the Design Gives Back Team feeling blessed to be a part of a Miracle Makeover for such a deserving family. Their story continues to inspire and uplift me!

Kaye Swain

Thanks for such a fun way to help Charlie and his family. Have a blessed week!

Rhonda Carter

What a lovely family. With so much to cope with and manage. Liam is the cutest. I can't wait to see what he sees wen he says "he could faint!" OMG, how adorable.

Robin's Nest

So much goodness Kellee and team!

I am spreading the word.

This family is incredible.


Loved this video clip. Can't wait to see the rest. Will post about all this good stuff!


Exciting, thanks for sharing this!


What an amazing family and incredible group of angels! Liam, you ROCK!!

Can not wait to see the reveal!

Kamonda Phillips

Geopology will be joining the party! We'll help spread the word on Facebook and Twitter. I can't wait to see the reveal!!



Kellee, you have done another outstanding job! I know because you have such dedication and courage and love and compassion for your wonderful new friends you seem to get on with as if you have known them forever. I will do whatever I can to make this a H U G E success. God Bless You and everyone involved. Hugs Anne

Terri Henges

KK and Krewe brighten our world one family and space at a time with those Miracle Makeovers. I am also tickled Kellee will be there to catch Liam when he faints from happiness. May we all enjoy that reason to faint someday. Keep those smiles coming, Gang!

Susan Freeman

I am looking forward to all of the parties hosted by my friends this coming week. There is nothing more heartwarming and fulfilling than giving to those in need. God Bless you!

Susan and Bentley


Hi Kelee,
I am thrilled to be able to participate in this week's Miracle Makeover. My hubby and I have been on vacation but I wanted to do a post in order to help in some way. Good job and thanks for the opportunity to lend a hand!


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