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Joni Cobb

I am so excited and welcome back with your new blog! We missed you Kelee and crew!

Count me in for this event and I will tell EVERYONE!


Kellee, I just heard you are back here with us! I love this room and she look so happy. I can't wait to see the boy's rooms. Your videos are always so INSPIRING!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will write a FB and tell people at Hobby Lobby. This will be great. Last year rocked!


So excited about this new makeover. I'm glad you let us be a part of it. You are such a blessing Kelee. Thank you for all you do.
Hugs & blessings,

Jules 2

This is amazing! What a bright fun room.

I will put the word out at School too....

Kelee Katillac

Oh, so great to have you all stop by! I have missed everyone SO much. You are so kind and generous. Thank-you for being a part of this...it will be great this year! It all happened because of YOU.

Shanda Oakley

I will be linking up and spreading the news. God bless.

Robin's Nest

Really, super amazing and exciting. I am coming up with a post now!


Sweet friend, another joyous moment in all our lives to share in what you do to bring love to others. So inspiring, Kelee.

Hugs & love,
Happy PS weekend ~


Read about this at Pink Saturday. What a great thing you do. I will be happy to be a part of it!

It is the joy we can bring to others that makes life worthwhile. And, Kelee you are wonderful to give us opportunities to share joy.♥


It is a (beyond) wonderful thing you are doing Kellee.
My prayers go out for Charlie, and his family as well.
God bless you all.

Only Cute Things

Wonderful! lovely bedroom!
My prayers go out for Charlie, and his family as well.

regards from Argentina


Happy Pink Saturday Kelee Sweetie...
We are off to another wonderful share. I can't wait to introduce Charlie and his family. What a wonderful gift of love you have given this family. Now it is our part to help in getting more donations for the next family in need of some love as well.

I will begin sharing some posts soon as well. My prayers and love to Charlie and family. What a long road they have been traveling, and you all gave them such a wonderful place to rest a while during their journey. Truly heart moving sweetie.

Happy to see you again. Many hugs and much love, Sherry


The room is so very beautiful.

karen, A Scrapbook of Inspiration

Happy Pink Saturday Kalee,

I love the story of Charlie, and what you created for his sister too. Praying for Charlie, and asking God for a miracle.

See you on the 12th.



Good Morning Friends!

Thank-you for stopping by... we are starting to hummm with the life breath your comments at Pink Saturday and Spiritual Sunday and- here -- are giving this Miracle Makeover blog week!

Love you...and I will be stopping by this weekend at your blogs!


Patti Hanan

Dear Kelee, I am so glad to know about this. Count me in to participate on blog week. I agree that creating a more beautiful surrounding for someone builds hope. God bless you!


Hi Kelee,
We are all sooo overwhelmed with the love and blessings you and the Makeover team covered our family in. The rooms are beautiful and a happy place to heal but the makeover was so much more than pretty rooms....you all gave from your heart and soul and the impact that had on Charlie and the family will fill their hearts forever. We can't thank you all enough..God bless you all!

Cindy Adkins

Hi Kelee,
This is totally amazing!! You are one in a million and the work you are doing is fantastic. So nice to meet you!!



Beautifully touching. There's something heartwarming about reading what you are doing for others. May God bless your week and give you a special blessing for the joy you share with others.


mercedes scott

Thank you for getting us involved... we need more people like you in this world! :)

Nancy at Linens and Laurel

Wonderful, once again! Thank you for the opportunity to share. HPS, have a wonderful week.


Hi Kelee, Thanks for sharing this special project with us.
XO, Linda


Hi Kelee it's me Kara words again can not express the wonderful things you have done for my family. You truly are a one of a kind woman. Can't wait to see the video. Lots of love Kara


I'm so excited about this miracle makeover, I can't wait.
God Bless,

black eyed susans kitchen

Welcome back Kelee...and this is such an important cause. The pictures of the decorated rooms are so cheerful!

Elisa Choi

Kelee and team, you guys are so inspiring beyond words! God is working through you and passing it unto us. I am definitely in for Aug! I will spread the word as well. God bless you all!

Joan Grady

I was at the reveal in spite of the massive snow, waited patiently in the garage for Charlie to come running through and saw first hand the joy and respite these rooms have given the Grady family. They could not wait to tell everyone and bring us up to see their newly decorated spaces. Like Charlie, the garbage truck bed is truly one of a kind. There is something special for each of them that continues to take their minds off chemo. Thank you for a job well done, with lots of heart!


Oh Grady family, it was a joy and privilege to work with Katie, Charlie and Liam! They are so smart, wise and courageous!


love, kelee

Joe Beth

Dear Kelee and Team:

I just saw the video at Guideposts. It is totally wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It should be on tv and you should have a show.

I am going to post on FB abut it now and count us in!

Joe Beth & Pat

Heidi Weyant

I cant wait to see the beauty this brings. I will wait breathlessly for the reveal. God Bless, Heidi.

helen obrien

i was able to see charlie, liam and katie's rooms in person and they are absolutely delightful. great job, miracle makeover. you guys are amazing!!!

JuJu Lether

This is AWESOME! I love what you said about design volunteers in the top post.

I am in up to my eye-balls you can count on me and my design group!

Kelee Katillac

Everyone you should go see the emotional post Sherry at Country Wings in Phoenix has up right now.... click on the link in the post...


Hi Kelly! Kaitie is very cute! The room is so colorful and bright. We just love Design Gives Back!heart-Cindy


Hhi Kelee,

I would love to participate and will do a blog post and have a giveaway on my blog to encourage leaving a comment.
I was so happy to hear from you and that you are still doing your Miracle Makeovers.

Hugs and Blessings,


You are such an inspiration to others. I will be linking up and spreading the news.

Natasha @ 5 Minutes Just for Me

Greetings from Down under! I just wanted to let you know that joined in last year and I will be sure to join in again this year too!

Best wishes,

Susie B.

This is a great idea and cause. So happy to be writing a Miracle post. I will help on Facebook too.
Beautiful work Kellee and team!

Kelee Katillac

Thank-you Everyone!

Your support and help will make this successful and a miracle for all that see Charlie and his family.

YOU made his happen starting last year with this blog week....

love to all!


Rhonda Carter

What fun! So happy to help Kelee!

Robin's Nest

I left a comment above too.

This room is so charming. she is very happy!

It is amazing to see what a difference changes can make for someone.


I can't wait to see the reveal. You have a good heart, Kelee....Christine


I came here from Happy Pink Saturday...Let's do it! :) I'll spread the word in my blog, etc. Best wishes to everybody!


Kelee, I'm so glad to have "found" you again. I've missed your uplifting spirit. I'm in and will write a blog post (and maybe make something) and link to the video. This is so exciting!



What an amazing event & more amazing room!!


I just keep reading & rereading your 'gifts' to the children, Kelee. Makes me so full & happy to know that you love bringing a smile to a child, as do I.

Thank you.
Hugs & love,


Hello Kelee,
This is so wonderful! I received your comment on my post in Met Monday and will gladly participate next week, I will dedicate a post to this beautiful cause and will encourage those who participate in my party, "A Return To Loveliness" next tuesday to join in as well - I'll post on my blog to encourage others to participate! You are such a blessing and an inspiration!
God Bless,
A Delightsome Life

Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage

It touches my heart deeply to see those in such need of encouragement being blessed this way. I had to run get tissues, last time, reading about and watching Colette's story unfold. I'll be sure to have them close by for Charlie's reveal. ;)

God bless you for being such a blessing!

Liz @ the Brambleberry Cottage


I thought I had left a comment that I plan on participating this weekend. ...but I didn't see it. Just wanted to make sure I had! I hope our Pink Sat. efforts help to raise lots of money for this worthy cause!!! dana

Linda @ A La Carte

What a wonderful make over so far! I love this cause and will have my post ready to join in and will visit all the linked blogs!

Michele Taylor

Kelee including me as a part of your crew and in the lives of these beautiful people The Grady's have been a blessing in my life. There isn't a day that goes by that I don't say a little prayer for Charlie and his family. They are so special as are you. Your video reveal truly captured the spirit of what we all strive for "To give back". God Bless Design Gives Back for their love and talent and Guidepost for being the vehicle to spread these heart warming stories. XOXO


This is a great story of courage and conviction. Kelee's design is amazing and I know Charlie, Liam and Kaitlin are inspired. I'm proud that the McCarthy Heart Hats team was part of it.


The rooms are beautiful. Such a great gift for such a special little boy.


Did I say that I have my Miracle post up and going? I have left a comment on every one of the hosts. Well, I have to go back over to Erin's....she must have her comments turned off..
What else can I do other than link with a video (I don't know how to do that..remember I am olden and SLOW TO LEARN. :))
lOVE, bj


What a fantastic cause -- and what a fantastic job -- making seriously ill children happier in beautiful new surroundings. You scored a 10 on this one.

Cathy O'Brien

What a beautiful room for such a beautiful girl!! Love it!!!

Cass at That Old House

With you, and spreading the word.

Lynn Kreizl

People like you are so beautiful. The pictures just move me to tears. Bless you for giving to Charles, his brother and sister and his parents this Miracle Makeover. Blessings.

Michelle L.

Hooray to you and your sponsor for doing this! Some lovely pics and design!


Amazing and so excited to see more miracles taking place...Kelee you are such a inspiration and blessing to so many! Bless you and all of those that help you and spread the wonderful miracles!


Awesome room, Katie! You deserve it and all the other great things life has in store for you.


A wonderful cause!


Hi lovely lady.
I would like to Thank you Kelee for doing so much !!
You are a Beautiful Lady..


I think the Miracle Makeover team have hearts of pure gold. (Yeah McCarthy! ) This room is amazing, but it is the care in the making that shows their love.

tea time and roses

Certainly a beauty filled room!! Just lovely!!



Willa Downes

Your heart is very full!

Debbie Guess

Kellee the rooms you did were just wonderful. The work you do is inspiring. Thanks Debbie

Tracy Gaugh

I am so happy for Charlie and the entire Grady family! Children should never have to know anything about chemotherapy. Friends of Kids With Cancer supported a dear friend of mine in 2005 and I never will be able to thank them enough for the things they do for the children of St Louis. Stay stron Grady family and cherish every memory!!!!

Vicki Zellner

What a wonderful cause! I will pass the word...Blessings...

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