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Robin's Nest

I love Beverly!

Sherry is always so nice and has s many kind words.

I will go see the other bloggers too.

Kelee Katillac


I know. These ladies are such leaders. We are very grateful!

love, kelee


Thank you so much Kelee for your kind words and for all the wonderful work you do.


You are so sweet~~I'm so exciting for next weekend, I hope it's a great success and I will pray that it will be.


Looking forward to the party!

Kelee Katillac


Yes, prayer is the key!


love, kelee


Oh Kelee Sweetie...
I am so blessed to have been drawn to you through the good Lord himself. He knew I needed a purpose and he guided me to you. You needed assistance. Together we have made such a beautiful pair.

I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful my heart feels each time I begin to type and start a story of LOVE. It makes my heart "HAPPY". You inspire me to write sweet friend.

Thank you for the kind words. As always I so enjoy being a small part of this BIG project of LOVE. Thank you so much for the wonderful opportunity to share along. Many hugs and SO much love from Phoenix, Sherry


Kelee, i am with you all for your beautiful efforts. Children are my heart & desire to help. You bring so much joy & many loving blessings to so many.
Thank you for being the fabulous loving lady you are. May God shower you with His extra blessings.

Happy PS weekend ~
Hugs & love,



Have a great weekend!


Cindy Adkins

I'm all ready for next week! I'm still smiling about
that clothes comment--how true!!!


Many thanks to all the contributors for making the Design Gives Back blog party a reality! We're all a part of this miracle and with everyone's effort another deserving family will receive the next mircle makeover. The excitement is building! Happy blogging!

Much love,
Sher-Design Gives Back team


Last year was such a blessing. I am looking forward to this so much.
xo bj


This is a wonderful cause and I am looking forward to doing some heavy visiting next week. Thank you for all you do to help make this wonderful event happen. Charlie is a darling little boy.
Love and blessings to all who are involved with the MIRACLES you make happen.


All of you are generous angels doing God's work. Bless you all.
Thanks to all.......

The French Hutch


This is a wonderful event - good luck with all that you do. Happy PS!


Kellee - you totally rock with this!!! I will be there with pink bells on. xoxo Nancy

Daniella Hayes

It is a wonderful cause, and joining with Beverly's Pink Saturday is such a great way to get the word out there.
I am looking forward to it!


So many beautiful souls and such big, generous hearts. I love it.
Happy Pink Saturday, Char


I wouldn't miss it for all the hot fudge sundaes that someone might bribe me with.
God bless you and all who bring this together.
Such a fabulous cause....

Wishing you and yours a pinkishly beautiful weekend


I am so honored to know all of you over here. I am excited about next weekend. I think we will share our hearts and help someone most deserving. Thank you for including us here. Anne


. Thanks for stopping by on this special Pink Saturday. I will put your name in the hat for the Altered Pink Book. Have a Pink week all week. I look forward to next weekend's excitement.


Thanks for stopping by, looking forward to next weekend and in the meantime I hope you have a fun pink week!

Laura Lee

Kelee Thx so much for the work you are doing. I will visit & post to bloggers with my whole pink heart.




Will be clicking away to leave as many comments as I can... so good of you to do this.

Shirls Rose Cottage

Hello, Happy Pink Saturday! Love your pink post this week. This event will be a great blessing. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a sweet comment.
Have a great week! Shirl
Shirls Rose Cottage

Kaye Swain

What a great party for such a sweet cause and a wonderful write up! Just shared it on Facebook. See you next weekend!


This is such an amazing and special event. I'm really going to try to participate. Have a beautiful Sunday and thanks for all the great information.

veronica mackinnon

I think the efforts to make life better for someone sick is so important and i hope to do what i can. veronica

anna & chocolate chip

What a wonderful surprise to find an E-mail from Kelee!! I think about you so often, Sooo happy so find you back :>)
You brighten everyone day! Love Love Love the room makeovers
whenever you touch a room you leave that room with an aura of ` healing love' that you gather from every one of your followers & it seems to light up the person in the new `room'. congratulations!! Welcome back!!
{{{{{hugs}}}} your friends
anna & chocolate chip

Jennifer @ Hobby Lobby

You all bring love and good to everyone. Please know we will be posting and including in our work newsletter!


How neat to read all about these women. I'm so excited about this event and thrilled to be a small part of it.

I hope your Tuesday is crowned with peace.

Rick Broderick

Great job by great people keep up the good work and thanks for supporting Friends of kids of Cancer.

Savannah Granny

May God richly bless you and the others who have joined together for this cause. I pray that Charlie's healing and the Miracle Makeover cause is successful beyond belief.

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