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Thank you to Kelee, Design Gives Back, Guideposts, Friends of Kids with Cancer, and each and every sponsor and volunteer. The world is filled with good and caring people, and I appreciate this opportunity to share.

My prayers are with Charlie, his family and his caregivers. I hope the love we share brings them comfort and joy.♥

I just finished watching the video, and it is A.W.E.S.O.M.E !!!!

Kelee Katillac


Thank-you so much Beverly! For all you are doing to bring this hope & happiness to the world...

Yes, comments left today count!!!! We are up early so folks can build blog posts and grab the info off of this post.... take what you need from any of the related posts....

THANK-YOU FOR CARING & SHARING! Design Heroes & Angels to the rescue!

Love, Kelee


Fantastic, Kelee. This is so exciting. Thank you for all you do.


Kelee and Volunteers,

With so much negative news around the world, it is joyful and uplifting to know that there are so many wonderful volunteers who came together today to participate in the Miracle Makeover Video and party for Charlie and his family. The video is awesome and will bring hope and joy to everyone who watches it.

Thank you to eveyone involved and to the sponsors. God Bless the "Grady Bunch".

Blessings, Erin


I just put the video on my At Home in Arizona blog. http://athomeinscottsdale.blogspot.com/
Hugs & blessings,


Kelee, this is a WONDERFUL video and project. The family is so open to healing and joy. You are just the person to bring it to them. Your warmth and abilities pulls the best out of everyone, Thank-you for this chance to be apart of something BIG and lovely in every single way. Warm hug to you,


I meant to say thank-you to all of the sponsors too. The McCarthy volunteers were just great and fun in the video. Looks like an excellent company! Guideposts thank-you too and everyone!

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality

Kelee, thanks for all you do for these wonderful folks! I'll send some people over tomorrow & hopefully get more comments.

Joni Cobb

Something Miraculous Happens in Your Work Kelee,

Charlie looked like a different child from the beginning to the end of the video.

How long did it take?

He look so well at the reveal!

You make miracles. Your team and Mccarthy is so nice.

How is Colette from the last video?

She looked healed too.

I want to know what it is you do beyond typical design?

Joni Cobb ASID

The Grady Bunch

Thanks Kelee you know our words can never express how truly grateful we are. We hope that the smiles let you know and the stuff we do with FOKWC helps to show our thanks. I love the fact that when we go to chemo we are known as the toy crew and to see those kids smiles that are going through so much is just priceless. Charlie had chemo today but it is great knowing with His will the 25th of August will be Charlie's last chemo.

A big thank you to all of the volunteers and sponsors especially my Family at McCarthy. Without all of you this journey would have been much harder.

Kelee while the reveal was a BIG MIRACLE there were so many smaller ones along the makeover journey that show His love and we are grateful for the chance to increase our family size and share in His love.


As a part of Design Gives Back team I feel very blessed to have been a part of such a heartwarming project. The Grady family filled my heart with love during the project and beyond. The video continues to bring a tear to my eye everytime I watch it. A special thanks to Kelee for all her amazing talent and loving heart for making this project possible! Let's continue to do good in the world!


Sherry, The DGB Team


This is such a heart warming story. My daughter went through cancer when she was 16, I cannot imagine how much worse it is for Charlie, bless his heart.
My hat is off to this wonderful team of people who blessed this family so tremendously.
Hugs to all, Cindy


Kelee thanks the wonderful things you have done for my family we really do love you and you Are a great person.

Lulu's Lovlies

Bless your heart Kelee for another year of helping others with your time, talent and caring spirit. God Bless Charlie, his family and all others that are in need of such a caring spirit as yours. One child at a time it can be done:)


Charlie!!!You rock. What an awesome family you have and I love, love, love your new room!
Kelee and the team you are angels on earth and I love the fact that you gave this family some happiness through design. A room that happy just has to make a little guy feel better! Congratulations. I'll be joining & commenting everywhere possible and bugging all my friends to do the same so be sure and count me in for full credit!!!!
xoxo Nancy

Rina Peru

Dear Kelee,

I had to stop the video because I couldn't bear looking and listening - being a mother I'm easily affected by such, esp. that my almost 4-year old boy is beside me. I've been including Charlie Grady in my prayers ever since I read his story at Spiritual Sundays, and now that I've seen part of the video, I'll be praying for him more.
You're making these children happy by what you do.



Hi Kelee,
It's wonderful to watch the video it brings back so many happy memories of the "miraculous" time you and all of the GREAT volunteers showered our family with during the makeover. The rooms are beautiful and a great place to heal but they pale in comparison to all you beautiful souls who gave so much love and hard work. God bless each and every one of you every day of your lives...you all are AWESOME!
With love and thanks,
Carol, John & Shawn Grady

Kelee Katillac


Rina, I so understand how you feel. Any of us with kids can't bear the thought.....

However, trust me-- the video is 95% pure joy and uplifting , happy inspiration!

It is a testament to God's healing power and the many ways we can be used and that
there are more ways to heal than just the ones we normally think of.....

To Joni:

There were only 4 days between the first scene when Charlie and Liam talked abut the chemo..
and when the reveal happened!

You are right --something did shift for him... and the good news is that he finishes chemo next week and has been declared stable!!!!

Colette is well and will be in Pink Saturday with comments and her own blog.

The process is one I have developed over 22 years. It started when my life was healed through creative action and design! YES! Since then I have made it one part art, one spirit, one science...

God did make each of those parts though , right?:):

THAT is why we call it a "miracle" makeover. Because we mean it!

love to all ...this will be an amazing week of love and light.... thanks to you!


Rina Peru

Watched the video with my 10-year old daughter. When we saw the "madeover" rooms, she gushed, "That's so cool!"

The transformation of the boys' room made them really happy and I believe it has brought comfort, hope, encouragement, inspiration, and strength to Charlie, because of the love and dedication that were poured into it. They're fine boys, Charlie and Liam, and they deserve this beautiful room makeover.

We'll be praying for him and his family. God is ever merciful and He is always good!

Have a weekend full of wonder and blessings, Kelee.



What a gorgeous makeover for such sweet children...keeping the Grady family in my prayers!

Natasha @ 5 Minutes Just for Me

I have added the video to the blog post that I will be linking up to Beverly.

You are so wonderful!

Best wishes,

Abdul Brandi

beautiful room makeover. My prayers are with Charlie, and his family.


Espero de coração que consigam fazer o bem para muitas pessoas... Parabéns pelo belo projeto...

Andrea Skeens

What a wonderful project. So good to see the little ones in our society are not forgotten.

Deborah Dressler

Wow. What a lift for my spirits. Thank you.

Whidbey Woman

Hello! I have two posts linked to you this weekend:
One on childhood cancer http://ronsroad2recovery.blogspot.com/2011/08/childhood-cancer.html
the other on a miracle that happened in Washington state recently
It's going to be a great Miracle Makeover Blog Party!!!!

Katie @ Wildwood Creek

Beautiful makeovers! It was precious to see the looks on their faces.

Tamela Moore

Once again a perfect example of God working through the hands and feet of his people. What an awesome project, humble little boys, and people with hearts bigger than their bodies. Thanks for sharing the work and story.


Fantastic job !


What a touching story!


so heartwarming.
so beautiful.
so hopeful.
so YOU.

bravo kelee and all who gave so selflessly!
god bless you charlie!!


Kaye Swain

What a sweet blessing to watch you and your team at work again, Kelee. And what a great job y'all did. Seeing the joy-full looks on all the kids faces was so wonderful. Plus, being a grandmother myself, it was a special treat to get to see their sweet grandma and their wonderful parents! Thank you for all your great and hard work and for sharing it all with us!

Lynda Cormier

What a heartwarming story!


Blessings to all involved. Time well spent commenting, liking, linking, reading. Thank you.


Something like this reaffirms my faith in the innate goodness of people!

Cindy Whalen

What a wonderful story!!! The rooms were perfect for the children!


This is an amazing project. Thanks for sharing about it.


I loved watching this video! What a great family to be honored this way. You can really tell each kid really enjoyed the process and the final product! GREAT JOB!!


Thank you for such a moving video and how Charlie and family is being helped. We need to remember how blessed we are and always be thinking of how we can lift others up who are going through rough times.


What a precious story. Thanks for sharing.


This is so inspiring! What a wonderful miracle makeover for a sweet young man! My prayers are with the Grady family! We can all make a difference when we look to God for guidance!

karen, A Scrapbook of Inspiration

Such a wonderful story, and it looks like Kalee has done it again.

My prayers are for Charlie and his family and that through everyone's comments they are able to raise an abundance of donations.


Toni Fleischmann

What a beautiful way to start my day! I love seeing how Kelee is using her talents to touch these children's lives. She's touching more lives than theirs, she touched mine!

Sandi @ Rose Chintz Cottage

What an awesome room reveal! It gives me great pleasure to take part in this weekend's party. God bless you for all the good work you do!


Elizabeth H

How wonderful. Just awesome! Prayers to Charlie and all the little ones.


Bless your heart for all you do. Thank you. The room is awesome.

Laura Lee

Dear Kelee, Thx for introducing us to this dear family. You prove that goodness still exists, and blessings are abundant.




What an awesome makeover and an awesome cause! God Bless You All!!!


Bless you, Kelee. This is such an inspiring makeover. Charlie and his wonderful family brought tears to my eyes. Keep at your blessed mission, my friend.


Pat ~ Mille Fiori Favoriti

Thank you to Kelee, Design Gives Back, Guideposts, Friends of Kids with Cancer, and each and every sponsor of this wonderful event!
I am praying for Charlie and his family and for all who battle cancer.
I have expressed gratitude on my Pink Saturday post today for all my blessings and it is wonderful to be able to help raise money for this very special work you do.

many blessings, Pat

Leckeres für Mensch und Katze - Goodies for a pleasant life

Thanks for hosting this project! :) xo Tina


Awesome, amazing, creative and heart warming. You brought tears to my eyes. God bless you Kelee and all who worked so diligently on this project!!!

Be blessed as you have blessed,

Cindy Adkins

Dear Kelee,
Thank you for being so totally AMAZING!!!



This was great to watch! The rooms look amazing! Charlie and his family have a wonderful spirit!

Kaye Swain

What an inspirational blog party for all of us to join in on. I so enjoyed watching the videos and meeting Charlie and his family, including his grandmother. The rooms came out great - very creative and encouraging. And what a wonderful update at the end - such a sweet blessing!

Amie Broeniman

Thank you for doing this for this deserving young man and his siblings...

Lynn @thevintagenest

Kelee, thank for visiting my blog and for this fabulous thing you are doing. I have joined Pink Saturday today with a "blessing" post and a link to you. Hope you get not 5,000 comments but 5,000,000.. xoxo

Kaye Swain

P.S. I forgot to mention - I did, indeed, write about this great Miracle Makeover blog party at my blog, www.SandwichINK.com, as well as joining up on Google Friend Connect for bonus 1 AND 2 :).

Jennifer Marshall

You did an amazing job for such a good cause!

Sharon Pawlick

What a wonderful group you all are! I cried just watching how the children have such large hearts. They give us all hope! Watching my grandson Jack go though his cemo with help from kids with cancer has made this time in his young life a pleasant chapter.Bless you all !

Andrea @ Big Creek Cottage

Charlie's new room is fantastic....I know that he will enjoy it so much.....what a wonderful meaningful way to vie back.....thanks for all that you do! I am inspired.

Coralie Cederna Johnson

Wonderful dedication and help to bring miracles to others!
Blessings to all!

Merri Cross

Charlie is a super special little guy - so glad we could be a part of it!

Kelly Ethington

What a WONDERFUL, heart-warming video. Thank you to Kelee and to the wonderful volunteers from McCarthy for generously giving your time and talent to this most deserving family. Charlie, you are one amazing little boy!

As someone who has volunteered with Friends of Kids with Cancer for over 10 years, I have seen first hand the incredible difference they make in the lives of children with cancer - THANK YOU for bringing attention to their organization and for the generous donations these comments will bring!


YAY...here we are..all working together again, just the way God intends. I am so thankful to be a part of it all.
I have MY MIRACLES post up and running ..
xo bj

Ang. Glidewell

Thanks for blessing this family

Thomas Pawlick

Wonderful video it shows how much these kids give us.. Thank you

Bridget Colby

Wow. I can not express enough how projects like these lift and inspire families in crisis. Being able to come home to a haven helps wash away the feeling of helplessness that comes with having a child with a critical illness.
McCarthy construction and their Heart Hats program are amazing!!!
Thank you to all who participate in any way possible for making these everyday miracles happen!

Barry Sutherland

Great story to see again! Hopefully Charlie and the Grady family will fully recover from all of this!

Kamonda Phillips

What a wonderful makeover! You could see the happiness on everyone's face. Charlie, is a remarkable young man to have gone through so much, and still maintain the joy & peace in his spirit is remarkable. May God continue to bless him and his family.

Fantastic job Kelee!!

Chris Dizon

Wonderful video and project. Best wishes to the Gradys

Debbie @ The Paint Splash

Am so excited to be part of this makeover. It is on of my passions in life to give rooms to children. Blessings, Debbie

Marie @ Sally Lee by the Sea

Thank you for everything you do! What a glorious miracle :O)


Justis Brogan

Get Well Soon. Our prayers are with you.

Phyllis Turner

How touching! What a lovely gift to the family who are suffering so much. May God bless all who have helped and created this makeover.


Charlie's spirit and efforts are indeed very motivating. Also, a bit humbling. Just when you think you've had a bad day, think of Charlie who puts on a smile-a brave front-and becomes a source of inspiration for others. Indeed something we all (young and old) could learn from.

Laura Mickelson

What a heart warming and inspiring story. It brought tears to my eyes. Design Gives Back is an awesome organization and Kelee is an amazing woman for sharing these stories with us. It is so great how they have helped this wonderful family and others. I know this effort will bring strength and comfort to Charlie and the entire Grady family. I will be praying for them.
Many blessings,

faith hope & cherrytea

absolutely delited to have the opp to participate! bless you '')
i've posted two blogs for this event here and there! may you be blessed and refreshed...

faith hope & cherrytea

ok, the html isn't linking, so 'posted by:' will lead you to the other blogpost '')
bless you for all you work and your desire to bless another...

faith hope & cherrytea

here's my tweet '')



What an excellent piece of posting today. The video was very touching.

Mona West

You did an amazing job. Your team of McCarthy is great. I am impressed by that company. So happy to get to see you all in action! They built our kids hospital in Colorado.

Thanks to all!

Debbie Tesla

How inspiring and what a beautiful family. Prayers for Charlie and his family and thanks to you for brightening up their lives. Absolutely wonderful.

Paula Braman-Duarte

Thanks for sharing this, the makeovers were wonderful! Meeting the entire family was extra special. And a big thanks to all the volunteers who make dreams come true!


What a wonderful idea for a worth cause. I thank God for my blessings every day. Hope you get a "bajillion" comments!

Patti Hanan

Thank you for your wonderful ministry that spreads hope and joy to families in need.

Kelee Katillac

Hi Mona:

I cannot say enough good about McCarthy. They were skilled, efficient, fun and caring!

Corey Black their team leader was so easy to work with. He has a dry sense of humor and capable at all he does.

On every level this is a company I would recommend to anyone.




Their rooms turned out fabulous!
God bless you Kelee.....and God bless all your crew and sponsors.


Thanks for doing this. It is a wonderful idea that obviously works. I'll be leaving comments on all the participating blogs.
It's the least I can do. :)


Such a great cause. Hope you raise heaps of money.


"I'm so happy I could faint." How special! I'm honored to be able to leave a comment and contribute in some small way.

Ruth W.

What a great design and a great project. I'm glad to be able to participate. Thanks for hosting!


Just what I needed to start my weekend! Fabulous work by a great team. Thank you for your love and dedication to the family.


That looks like it was filmed around Christmas time and I'm wondering how Charlie is doing now? Are there any updates? My thoughts and prayers are with Charlie and his family. My son is grown, but he's been fighting cancer too and the one thing we comment on are the children we see from time to time at MD Anderson. We know they're undergoing many of the same treatments and procedures and yet they often don't understand like an adult would. It's especially sad to see the children.

Enrique Sarmiento

God bless Charlie and the Grady family!

Catherine Denton

What a wonderful idea! Thank you for allowing us to be part of this.

ann nz

what a wonderful thing you are doing. You don't screen in New Zealand

Barbara F.

This is a wonderful thing that we are taking part in. My thoughts and prayers are with Charlie and his family. xo


Beautiful story and beautiful rooms!

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