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Desi Jane

So happy to here Colette is doing well. I would like to know more about Kelee Katillac's color method. Where can I find more?


Kelee, have I told you today that I love you??? Well, I do!

You're right... how dare that doctor tell her she had so little time! Fooled him, did't she!?!?!?

I'd like to know more about your color therapy. That is just fascinating.

I salute you and the lady you mentioned as well as Colette. This is super!



Design Gives Back Team

Hi Friends:

Kelee is releasing a new series of Color Therapy CD's in a month. So, everyone will be able to use the miraculous process!

Thanks for your interest!

DGBTeam --Kelee will be on-line this afternoon!! To visit with you all.

Joni Cobb, ASID

MS. Kelee,

This is wonderful. My sister-in-law has bc and needs something positive. This has inspired me to help her and redo her room. I too want to know more about the color therapy.

Thank-you for all the good work you do to change lives!

Joni Cobb ASID

John R.

I do believe in art therapy. This is proactive and healing. If you can change a room you can change other things to. I like your attitude and style! So much to take away here.

Modern Country Lady

Bless you for being there for a person who really needs help and support!What a gorgeous make-over.I agree with your positive attitude, doctors can be real moaning minnies sometimes- when I think about it, never actually met one that was a life-affirming positive human ..:-)


Love you! Your work is brilliant. Kelee, you are doing what you were born to do, it is so obvious from your radiance. These stories are so hopeful.

George's Daughter

Thank-you for sharing this story. We need as many ways possible to cope with this disease.

It looks like it really helped Collete. She is such a sweet soul and I wish her the best.

Thanks again,

George's Daughter


This is a great make over, very sweet.


Design Gives Back Team,

This is a great project! The ideas and therapy are so fresh and a very good idea. Thank-you for all you are doing to make the world better.I would be interested to know more abut the color therapy.
Are there workshops or something?

My Best, Kimmy

P.S. All the HL staff is happy to know you!

Steph B.

Congratulations to colette! So beautiful.


It's wonderful Colette is doing so well. You really turned her life around. My beautiful Design Angel award arrived yesterday. I was totally surprised and delighted. Thank you so much. It looks so pretty by the angel from last year. My piano provides the perfect place for them. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I posted about the new award on Spiritual Sundays this morning.
Love and blessings,

Mel @ Trailing After God

Absolutely beautiful. This is the first time I have been to this site. What an amazing place and gift you are.


This is amazing!

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Good to know that the therapy techniques helped her to survive and thrive.

I also think using herbal products for such kind of diseases is also good.


What a beautiful room! So glad to hear that Colette is doing well. I really enjoyed the video...it made me start looking around my own home...some of my rooms look "sick" ... and we're all healthy. Wondering how much more we could accomplish...how much better we would feel...or motivated we would be if the rooms reflected as such.


Beautiful! What a wonderful ministry!

Joanne Viola

This is such a beautiful room & more so, a beautiful thing to do for others. I am so glad that I visited here today from Spiritual Sundays. May God continue to bless you as you minister to others!!!

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