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Steve H.

This is an amazing video. I am emotional watching it. Congratulations to the family and volunteers for creating something so good.

Kelee Katillac

We are grateful to all of our team and thank-you to the Daniel family for being open to the makeover process and desiring to share their story. The courage of sharing one's struggles results in transforming pain to beauty -- for ourselves and for all who read about or view the video. Inspirational stories like this one change individual struggles into human triumph for all.

Thank-you to the Daniel family for this inspiring journey!

Kelee Katillac
Design Gives Back, Founder

Sherry Mirador

I am brought to tears viewing this video, it is AMAZING in so many ways I'm at a loss of words to articulate how touching and inspiring this video truly is for me. Blessed is a word that comes to mind. I believe I am blessed with a gift to be a blessing to others and I'm able to do just that being a part of the Design Gives Back Team. Kelee and Steve, a thousand thank yous for being the 'miracle' makers! -Sher


Very good story , family is my prayers .

James Jenkins

This video was absolutely amazing. I love to see good things happen to people that deserve it. It was very heart warming and inspirational to watch.


Wow! This was so nice of you guys.

Isaiah Colbert

The Daniel Family is in my prayers.

William Samuels

This video is so inspiring and it makes me want to change the world.

Marva and Donald D. Ford

"Lord forgive us when we whine", We are your children and the world
is thine. Jehovah Rapha=Our God that heals...Jehovah Jireh= Our
God that provides (In the name of Jesus) truly blessed this family.
Design gives back (Kelee and Steve) and their team are truly Angels...God was in this to win it, and he did.
The video tells this Awesome story, filled with faith in God.
Prayerfully the Daniel's story will let others know that there is
No secret what God can do, what he did for them he can do for you.
May the peace of the Lord be with you. Marva and Donald D. Ford

Darla Peters

It has been a pleasure to get to know and photograph the Daniel family. Having a healthy son of my own who is the same age as Elijah really made these sessions extra special for me. Despite the difficulties that no little boy should have to endure, he is still has a wonderfully fun personality. He is sweet and caring and knows how to swing a foam sword. :-)

Terry Kottman

What an amazing story. I love both of the rooms, and I love seeing the smile on Isaiah's face as he went into his room. It is so clear that both boys deserve something so special in their lives. This is a beautiful family.


I worked with Nakia and have prayed for Elijah (the whole family really) daily since I met her. They are an amazing family. Nakia was such a tremendous help to me when my son passed away. I am so glad to see them receive something like this - they so deserve it. Elijah, I love your room - yours too Isaiah.

Kaulah Fielder-Bey

This whole process was amazing, from beginning to end. It was life restoring for their parents, and a new start for the boys; I am sure of that. The makeover was completely amazing!! Both of the boys rooms were suited, made and built just for them and had their personalities all over them. Both the boys and parents have been through so much in these past years, to see them smile because of the hard work and kindness of others makes my heart smile. Thank you all so much for everything you put in for this deserving family. The rooms look amazing, the boys love it, and I know the parents are more than grateful. I know I'm grateful to see their smiles every time I come over, knowing that their rooms were made out of love, care and support!


Incredible what you do for others! The look on their faces was priceless! Thank you!

Anna Randolph

Those are amazing rooms for amazing guys. How wonderful to have wonderful people who make dreams come true.


A wonderful blessing for an truly amazing family!

Kelee Katillac

Thank-you Kaulah. That is exactly what it is about -- process. Expressing dreams, imagining, painting away the bad stuff, creating colors that renew, images the say" I am strong, I never give up...like a Ninja Turtle!" A room becomes then a school for life...a life lived with creativity and courage.

We appreciate your kind comments.

Staci Mathes

This is an incredible service for the family. Thank you for sharing your time and talents to bring joy to those in need!

Kyla Pitts-Zevin

Thank you for supporting a beautiful family with a heart of gold. Ms. Nakia gives back to her community in tremendous ways and it is so heart warming to see her family lifted up in this way. You're an inspiration, Elijah!

Mary Rigan

These rooms are just beautiful. How wonderful to design a space around the boys' interests and focus on what they each created!


What an amazing story. A family filled with such strength and resilience.

Paige Southard

I am so grateful that we could assist with this project and are honored to be able to host the Daniel family at Residence Inn during the time when their home was transformed. We would like to invite you back as our guests for a weekend of your choice now that Elijah is out of the hospital. It was supposed to be a fun time for him too. We prayed for him and continue to pray for blessings for him, this family and for Design Gives Back. The rooms are amazing!!!


Such an amazing and beautiful story. I love that I'm reading this on Giving Back Tuesday :)

Jeff Miles


Dan Gudenkauf

A great inspirational story! Prayers to Elijah for continued strength and a full recovery!
Nice job Residence Inn Union Hill Team! Thanks for sponsoring this great space for Elijah!

Jeff Groves

What an amazing story and project! I'm honored and humbled to have been a part of making a dream come true. Thank you for letting us be a part!

Kim Perez

What a wonderful story!! I hope the space becomes a healing space for the family!


This experience has been AMAZING and it has changed our lives!!!! Elijah loves his room and does everything in there. He only comes out when he has to and his health is continually improving! Isaiah loves his room, as well, and enjoys spending time in his newly designed and defined space. Both boys could not be happier!!!!

Deirdre W.

This is the most wonderful video. I never thought of design as being so important to health. But, I can see that it is! Best wishes to the whole family.

Sheree Thomas

Praying for the family and continued healing for Elijah. Also, hoping blessings for all the great people who helped make this happen for the family! Great job everyone!

Joyce mendoza

Thank you for sharing your family's story! Beautiful family

Sandy Palmer

Once again, I am reminded of the many, many generous, caring people in this world who reach out to help others in need. I work with Nakia, and her faith and strength are so strong--so it is wonderful seeing her family--and especially Elijah--so happy!


The video is filled with joy and helping others. The rooms are vibrant and beautiful....rooms for change in the lives of these deserving boys. It is an emotional and physical journey to wellness.

Angela Reliford Johnson

I love this video and the family so much. Words can't express how i feel about them. The Daniel family deserve all that they are receiving. Our prayers to Elijah & Isaiah to stay strong and keep fighting this battle


Such a beautiful experience for the amazing Daniel family! This video captured the grace, strength, and bonds within their family. Thank you for bringing joy through such fun and personalized designs. Just Awesome

A. F.

Elijah you are truly a Super Hero!! What a wonderful example and inspiration for us all. Your family is incredible and the selflessness is inspiring. May we all pray for this young man and his family and be thankful for all the blessings we each have been given.

And a special tribute to Miracle Makeover for their program and all the countless hours committed to help people.
Thank you Kelee Katillac!!

DL Gleason

I am truly humbled and honored to have been a part of this process as the video director and editor. It is by far one of the most meaningful pieces I have ever created. Having an 8 year old by myself, I am reminded every day how life is a blessing and to cherish every moment. Thanks again to the DGB Team for letting me be a part of this!

Kelee Katillac

Thank-you Andy Fox and D.L. Gleason.

D.L., your poetic vision made the video an out picturing of the beauty of transformation in life; you showed us how negatives become positive and barrenness is flush with colors and new bloom.

Andy, and all of the team at Brainstorm and Bennett Packaging, you helped to create the "story" inside the room....the wonderful Pizza Shop and Car Wash graphics and other images remind Elijah everyday that what you imagine can become real and physical in your life! Indeed through creativity we have personal power..... and sometimes with the help of other kind souls.

Submitted by Ashley

What an amazing family! So glad you got to shine some light in their world.

Matthew Groves

What an awesome room ! Must say I'm a ninja turtles and LeBron James fan myself... hope you and your family enjoy it as much as I enjoyed helping it all come together !


What a blessing for a family that has been through so much!


So insipring and awesome! Thank you for what you do and for sharing.

DL Gleason

8 year old *boy myself not by myself. I have a lovely wife to share my two children with :)

Jacie Anello

Beautiful story!

Jill Reaka

Nakia is a friend and coworker, and her family is sooooo deserving of some goodness and love. What an uplifting, caring thing to do to inspire both boys, and the whole family. Love this family, and YOU Nakia!

Pat Dolan

Just very touching... Overwhelmingly heart-warming... Amazing Grace by all for all... God's heart in service for others... Great job... Great work.


Great story and I would like to see more like it!

jesse daniel

This process has been life altering in the most positive way. For years, I wondered if we would ever or even have the courage to change Essence's room. As a family, in some ways we felt changing her room equated to losing the last bit of memory that she ever existed in our home...no more pink. This process helped come to a better understanding that sometimes the best way honor the memory of someone is by doing what they would want if they were still here. She wants her little brother to have her room. Thanks to everyone....this truly was a labor of love and I reminded that every night put Elijah to bed. As for Elijah (the boy of few words), his room is his haven, get away, a place where truely relax in a place meant just for him. He loves it. I watched the video and cried. Our story was masterfully told.

Submitted by Michael

A really meaningful project. The video is so good! Thank-you for giving back to the world.

Kelee Katillac

Jesse, (father of Elijah and Isaiah) thank-you for your kind, rich comment. This is the meaning of everything we do at Design Gives Back. There is no greater outcome than all you have said....thank-you, thank-you, thank-you.

xo Kelee


So touching! The NAIA is meeting with Be The Match on Saturday and will be sharing this story with them!

Myisha Watson

Wow! This was an amazing story about a family who has been through a lot but has not gave up. I'm trying to hold back my tears as I write this comment. Nakia I think you are an amazing woman. I remember when you were pregnant with Elijah when we were in grad school. He is such a strong fellow. God has a plan for your family. Just keep Him first and you all will overcome any trials. May God bring you all peace and joy for the rest of your days.

Deshonna Carter

That is such a blessing for such a deserving and strong boy. Elijah and family are in my prayers. I was truly touched by the video.


Thank you for sharing your journey, I'm inspired by the strength of not only Elijah but by the entire family. You're in my prayers for sure. This is welcomed news especially during this time of the year. Keep strong and prayerful.

Lara Neenan

So Awesome!! Thank you for giving back to this amazing family! The video is so inspiring too!


OMG Nakia, this was as you said "amazing", I really appreciate you allowing us to share in this tremendous journey with you all.. GOD is "soo" good. I want you to know that you all are constantly in our prayers because as hard as it is for little Elijah to go through this, it has to be TRIPLE the pain for you and Jesse... We thank God also for foundations like, "Design Gives Back", because I had never heard of them until now but I am definitely passing this on, they did an excellent job with the makeovers, so much so that I wanted to move in myself (smile)...You are a strong woman Nakia but it's nothing but God's loving arms holding you up, so you hold tight to your faith in HIM and HE'LL see you through it all cause He said in His word "I will never leave you nor forsake you" (Hebrews 13:5)..........We love you all and have a very blessed day!!!!!


Dear Nakia,
Thank you so much for sharing such a beautiful and transformative moment for your family. Your boys are so handsome and have grown so much!! Looking back when we met, I knew little about the historical and medical difficulties your family faced, however, it was clear how important Essence was in your world. You have done a beautiful job honoring her in your work and life​.

​I know you are a private person, so thank you so much for sharing ​this video, it is remarkable what you have moved through​ with your children​ and the strength you have continued to tap into. I admire your commitment to your family and the good things ahead​.

And many congratulations to your professional success and certifications! So glad to know you are serving kids and families in need.


Truly an amazing story! We will continue to pray for you and your family! God bless!


Oh my goodness.. This was incredible and I'm glad I waited until I got home to watch! What a special thing for Elijah and Isaiah and all of you. Thank you for sharing it with me. I'm so happy to be working with Elijah and to get to know your family... You all are amazing!


Thank you so much for sharing that video with me it really shows how great people are.


Great video and great story! Thank you for sharing!


Thank you for sharing this Nakia!! My heart is full of hope! You are an amazing person and you have a GREAT family!!!

I should have waited to watch but it is a feel good kinda cry!!


Yep - waterworks city over here!! That was beautiful. I'm seeing a healthy improvement in Elijah, maturation in Isaiah, and beautiful memories of Essence. Thank you for sharing this, and may God continue to bless your family!!


Oh my. What a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing it. The Daniel's story has always touched my heart and I loved seeing Isaiah. Thank you for sharing.


That is really cool - thank you so much for sharing! :)

Laquita Heny

This is a lovely story. Thank you for sharing it with me. Your family will all way be in my prayers.

Submitted by Rick

A deeply heartfelt project! Wonderful video.


This is great! Good job to the entire team!

Griselda Williams

I had no idea that this program existed until I met Elijah and Isaiah's Mother, Nakia. She warned me to have tissue handy when I watched the video, she was right, I cried because I did not know there were Angels like this team of designers, construction staff and all who joined together to provide support for the Daniel family. What a blessing you all are. You helped Elijah and Isaiah and their family move forward and you helped with their grief and loss. I will certainly spread the word about this program.

Brandi Motley-Rayner

We live in Atlanta, Ga. and felt so blessed to be included in this
Amazing Ministry. May God continue to richly bless Design gives
back, The Daniel family and every Angel that made this happen.
The December article in Kansas City Spaces magazine is phenomenal.
The Motley-Rayner family. (Brandi, Tiyan, Jordan, Lauryn)

Submitted by R.D.N.Y. via email

I read Kelee's Kids Sacred Places book and it made such a difference in the way I view creativity. It can heal you! This video shows the power of creativity to heal Elijah and Isaiah. Beautiful.

Kimber Ito

Really truly wonderful!


Tears of joy! What a blessing for your boys.

Aimee Deschaine

Amazing! This is a very special family that totally deserves this! Good work!


Such a touching story!


What a blessing to be able to use your talents in such a wonderful way. To give such a lift to these boys spirits is an insiration to all designers. May God Bless your efforts.

Kelee Katillac

Thank-you to Mickey Coulter and Better Homes & Gardens Realty for supporting this makeover and Design Gives Back.

Sheree Collier

I love when people use their talents to bless others!


This was a beautiful inspiring video, God Bless you all.


Simply Beautiful.

Roxanne Moore

Amazing video and great story!!

Kynnedy Johnson

This is remarkable


This is such a kind and hopeful video project. Your work is amazing and that family is forever changed by it. Thank-you for putting light back into the world. Creativity is the means of changing negatives to positives and this makeover perfectly reflects that transformation.

(submitted by email and team posted)

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